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About BPA

Since the inception of BPA our focus has been on improving financial effectiveness, performance profits and improving capital raising prospects of small business.

With values and approaches, that are quite divergent from traditional management consultancies, we find we have gained a great deal of credibility with our Clients: Specialist Retailers, Financial Institutions and Shopping Centre Management.

A unique approach

Our individual benchmarking programme has been written to assess your current business against comparable proven key performance indicators.

This will enable BPA to identify areas that need immediate attention. These indicators when applied to your business produce a business’s individual performance (BIP)

BIP once obtained from the BPA Report is the footprint needed to establish the pathway to reinvigorate your business assisting business growth in retail performance, sales and profits and helping reduce costs. These results will produce a business’s best performance. The report will identify out of norm expenses, wages, rent or others that need review or simply that the sales mix and profit are not performing according to the space allocated.

Our Expertise

The ability to understand where our client is at and what is needed to obtain where our client needs to be.

Analysing all aspects of our client’s business, producing a full and comprehensive written Report, showing weaknesses and strengths, ongoing opportunities and the practical guidance on how to achieve the identifiable goals and objectives,

The ability to install methods and procedures of substantial structure to enable the client to continue ongoing performance analysis within their own individually designed business model.